Water Quality

Water Quality

The benefits of drinking water lead to flushing system toxins, reducing heart attack risk, reducing disease and infection risk, promoting healthy skin, regulating body temperature, cushioning and lubricating joints and muscles, burning fat and building muscle, improving recovery time, keeps the body energised and alert.

Did you know?
It’s universally recommended drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is good for balanced health.
Our bodies consist of 75% water while our brain consists of 90% water. It stands to reason that high-quality drinking water standards will promote many benefits for the body.

Why us?
Oasis water has a distinct, purely refreshing quench thirsting taste.
Oasis is available in a variety of products for our customer’s convenience – 500ml, 750ml, 2L, 5L and 18.9L Still Oasis purified water.

Oasis maintains the highest standards of preparation and this is reflected in the years of undiluted product satisfaction enjoyed by our customers. Oasis is regularly and independently tested to maintain its uncompromising quality and high standards.

How to test your drinking water

Smell the water. You can determine a great deal about the quality of your water by tuning in to your senses. …
Taste the water. Use your taste buds to determine the quality of your water. …
Check for cloudiness and particles. …
Examine the color

Caring for your Water Dispenser

Whether you own or rent your water dispenser, there are a few simple actions you should regularly undertake.

At Every Bottle Change: Wipe out the waterguard with a clean cloth or paper towel.

What does the waterguard do? The water guard is designed to protect your water supply by sealing the reservoir from outside contaminants and only allowing water into the unit directly from the bottle through the probe. Also, all air entering the reservoir as water is dispensed must pass through an air filter.

Why should I dry it out each time I change the bottle? The waterguard is designed to prevent outside contaminants from entering your water dispenser. Keeping this area clean and dry allows it to perform optimally.

Do NOT try to remove or disassemble the waterguard.

The design of the waterguard makes it virtually impossible to introduce the exterior dirt you might see into the drinking water reservoir. Extensive testing and real world experience since 1995 has proven the effectiveness of the waterguard under the most challenging of environments.

Just wipe out any accumulated dirt and water. If you prefer, you may use put clorox on a cloth when wiping it wipe out. Do not spray cleanser into the waterguard. Just wipe clean and dry.

Weekly: Wipe the front of the water dispenser and the spigots with a clean cloth to remove drips and splashes. Remove and wash the drip tray in the front of the water cooler (below the spigots). The drip tray is NOT a drain. Do not pour drinks into the drip tray. The drip tray is dishwasher safe and may also be hand washed.

How to Clean Your Water Dispenser

Step by Step Instructions
Unplug water dispenser from electrical outlet
Drain residual water through cold faucet
Remove No-Spill device (if equipped), baffle, and spigots
Disassemble No-Spill device (if equipped), spray with degreaser such as 409, and scrub.
Wipe baffle with clean cloth.
Disassemble spigots and scrub clean
Remove ice ring (if present) from inside reservoir
Wipe out reservoir with a clean cloth
Reinstall baffle and faucets
Insert a rubber plug into hot tank opening (inside the reservoir) to prevent sanitizing solution from entering hot tank
Fill reservoir with clean water, add one (2) teaspoon 5.25% standard Clorox solution to produce 200ppm chlorine sanitizer and let stand 5 minutes (do not add more than 2 teaspoons clorox and do not use scented clorox)
Drain sanitizer through faucet(s) for at least 1 minute
Flush with clean water
(If you suspect that the Clorox sanitizing solution may have gotten into the hot tank, remove hot tank drain, and allow hot tank to empty before flushing with clean water. After flushing with clean water, re-install hot tank drain)
Re-Install No-Spill device
Install a new water bottle

Do Not Plug Unit into Electrical Outlet until water flows freely from spigot(s)

Cut-Away of a Reservoir (including No-Spill & Baffle)

Example of a No-Spill Device


Example of a No-Spill Device

Cut-Away of a Reservoir (including No-Spill & Baffle)


Oasis Water Purification Process
Our completely automated cleaning and bottling facility follow the highest safety and hygiene standards,
which ensures the best quality water for our valued customers.


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