Water Treatment

Water facts

It is universally recommended drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is good for balanced health. Our bodies consist of 75% water while our brain consists of 90% water. It stands to reason that high-quality drinking water standards will promote many benefits for the body

How to test your drinking water

Here are simple steps on how to test your drinking water.

  1. Smell the water. You can determine a great deal about the quality of your water by tuning in to your senses
  2. Taste the water. Use your taste buds to determine the quality of your water.
  3. Check for cloudiness and the presence of particles.
  4. Examine the color

We assemble, install and test various water treatment plants. These include; Reverse Osmosis plants for water desalination, water filtration systems for handling fresh but tasteless dirty water, chlorination and other chemical dosing units; water softeners and water bottling units. A wide range of equipment is available being either directly sourced from world leading water treatment equipment suppliers. Expert advice is also available so the appropriate treatment solutions are specified for every water condition.

Water dispenser
Domestic treatment Units
Reverse Osmosis and UV lights
Chemical dosage